Wednesday, May 29, 2013

bade Acche Lagte Hain - Episode 420 - 29th May 2013 written UpdaTE

Video Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th May 2013 Video Watch Online 720p HD The Episode starts with Priya telling Isha that if at all Mr. Kapoor also comes and says that you two had an affair then also I wont believe him.She says she wont believe her words. Ours is a arranged marriage but it is not only a marriage but a beautiful relation of friendship and you will not understand this. We are friends more than lovers. you will not understand marriage, love and our friendship. Ram smiles listening to his wife talking lovey dovey about him. Priya says years before Mr. Kapoor was the one who never doubted me, questioned me and you thought I will not believe him. May be he will get attracted but he only loves me. He understands what loves mean. He cares for me, he left everything for me, his property, status, wealth and identity for me in a single moment. You try many times but I will never believe you so it would be better if you leave from our life. She shows her the door. Ram stops her and says when you told me everything in the hotel room. I really felt bad about you. But whatever you did today, I feel I never know you. This is not the way to get someone. I hope you get that. Isha leaves heart broken. Shipra looks on. Ram and Priya looks at each other happily while BALH music plays in the BG. Shipra comes and tells her you did right and wishes them Happy Anniversary. Karthik Office: Karthik books 2 tickets to Singapore on the phone. Natasha listens it and thinks he is taking her to singapore for a surprise holiday. She comes inside and karthik is surprised. Natasha says she came to meet him. Karthik says do you have any work? Natashsa gifts him suit for the anniversary party, Karthik feels good. Natasha says you are also giving me surprise naa. Natasha makes him wear the suit and says my hubby will look hot in the party. Karthik smiles and Natasha leaves saying will meet in the party. In the Car: Ram talks to Priya that he cant believe that Isha can lie so much. She didnt told me about her divorce. He asks Priya that all the proofs was against him than how she believe him. Priya questions him that he also have the proofs when people thought I am cheating on you for Ashwin, then how you believe me. Ram says because I…. Priya says exactly. Ram says then why you left me. Priya says because you lied to me, and continued lieing after getting caught also. You should have shared with me. Spend time with Isha and also praises her infront of me and even gifted bag to her. she says she is pregnant and mood swings happens and because of that she felt insecure. She says when she was pregnant with Pihu, she didnt had any time to think about her. She dont know when Pihu was born and time passed and she didnt realise. Ram smiles. Now as she is free, she thinks so many thinks that whether she is not attractive enough, putting weight. And yoga class ladies talk about husband wandering ways. Then came Isha and when I saw her, I thought anybody can attract to her, but having said that. I never felt that you will leave me, Pihu and this new baby. i never doubted you. Ram says his love is strong thats why she didnt doubt. Priya says she wants to know why you lied and share everything. She says she needs an explanation and why you said this baby is a mistake. I am upset and very hurt. Ram says Vikram is the reason for this trouble. He says we were talking and he was talking about the health checkup, because after 40 years men tends to have health problems. I have bad health before. I thought weird things, sugar problems, BP etc. When you listens to our conversation, insecurity was coming out and I thought I was not capable to bring a kid, when the baby will be born I thought I will not be alive. He says that is what you have heard. He says then I made a plan to get the test done thats why I took Isha’s help. I took health tips from her. He says I was not in the office that day, I was with Isha. Priya asks what is that you were getting embarrassed. Ram says I went to liposuction clinic. Priya says what. Ram says he was mad to do that, but he was doing that for you people, for Pihu, junior, and you. Priya asks him to stop the car and asks him to be out. In the Park: Priya and Ram are walking and Priya says to lose weight you have to walk. She says she cant believe how could you. She says she wants to know what is wrong with your brain. Ram says dont worry, I didnt allowed them to do anything, I ran away after seeing the machine. Priya says you was afraid of machines and you went to get done the liposuction for me and kids. Ram says it is important for him. He says he cant think kids are growing up and what if I will not be alive. Priya says she used to accompany her dad to the park for jogging. Once he told her that he had a dream to see her married. Priya replied that she will marry the man he chose for her. Priya says papa told her if life partner was good then life will be changed. she says if somehow she knows that you would be my life partner, then I would have not married for another 10 years and waited for you. Ram says I cant handle this much big compliment. He asks her to sit and asks how could she think she is getting fat and not attractive. He says she is a miss universe for a fat man like him. He says she is very beautiful for him, He says there is a spark in your eyes.she is to be a mother of his unborn child. what is more beautiful than that. He says if she becomes fat then also he will love her only. He says you tells naa that you find difficult to hug me because of my fatness, if you becomes fat then I wont be able to hug you. They laughs together and snuggles up. Ram says no more insecurity now. Priya promises him while the happy version BALH song plays in the BG. Ayesha’s House: Natasha comes and informs Ayesha that Bhai wanted Khush to attend today’s Party. Ayesha says only Khush is invited, She declines to send him to the party. She feels nobody cares for her. Natasha says you have to be on the footpath but because of Bhai you are here. She says I am sure you dont want bhai to remember so it would be better if you send Khush to the party. Khush hears this and gets excited. Natasha asked him to get ready and tells Ayesha that your son knows family values. Ayesha taunts her that she dont know family values and thinks your husband cheating on you and paying me money to shut my mouth and hide the truth. She smiles thinking what will happen when the truth comes out. Natasha tells her that she is going to singapore with her husband. Ayesha thinks Karthik is taking Natasha to Singapore without giving me money. No ways, I will not let this happen. she laughs. Kapoor Mansion: Soumya is getting ready for the party. Rishabh compliments her and Soumya also compliments him back. Khush comes running. He says he missed everyone but missed Pihu more. Soumya says did you inform Pihu that you came. He says no. Rishabh says we will surprise her. He says I have a chocolate for you. Khush says he dont like chocolate. Soumya says his chachu didn’t remember anything and Khush asks for Soumya favourite colour. He answers wrong. Khush says he have to feed them icecream. Rishabh agrees. Ayesha calls Mamaji. Mamaji asks her how is she? Ayesha says you dont pick my call these days but dont forget days changes. Mamaji says you are getting angry without reason. Mamaji says I will not leave you until I die. Ayesha asks him to find out whether Jhanvi is coming to the party. Mamaji agrees and asks what is her plan? Ayesha says do whatever as she says. After disconnecting the call, Ayesha says those people thrown and seperated from me. Now I will show them it is impossible to ignore Ayesha. The Episode ends on her wicked smile. Precap: Ayesha calls Jhanvi and says she is calling from Kapoor Mansion. She informs her that Karthik is hurt in an accident and please come here soon. While Jhanvi is shocked to hear that, Ayesha cuts the call smiling at her plan.